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YunJae Summary this 2007

This post contains all the moments Yunho and Jaejoong had shared this past year 2007. We better not forget the love they had shared the previous year. Let us treasure the bond all of us had while discussing different events that had occurred. ^__^ We didn't only have friends. Sometimes, we have this feeling like we are a virtual family. Most of the happenings in this post are from JaeHo_YongWonHi and YoonJaeLoveBar.

This is created for everyone, especially, those who had take a part in sharing YunJae love and not keeping it to themselves, for those who only became a YunJae fan lately and need more backgrounds (includes me ^^) and for those doesn't believe in YunJae love. Maybe at the end of this post, when you have read and recall everything, you will start thinking about what you really think about them more.

If there are any forgotten or skipped YunJae moments that you know, please feel free to add a comment about it. I'll include it right away.

*January Events

-Jaejoong giving a sexy expression while Yunho feelds him the cake.
vid: (from kamo-chan)

-YunJae After Poisoning Incident
After the poisoned drink incident, Yunho does not drink from bottled waters on the ground and calls the manager for a water bottle. Without hearing any response, Jaejoong also calls the manager and said asking some water. After Jaejoong got the water for Yunho, he holds his hand...

- Happy Day
[Q] Which member do you think will be good will be good at dating?
Yunho: Jaejoong manages everything well, good in cooking (looks at the ceiling like he is recalling something) and is romantic.

-Sneaky JaeHo at DongAn ClubShow
In between Yoochun's legs, there is JaeHo

-YunJae @ interview
Yunho to Jaejoong...
+++[Q] Yunho, where do you think Jaejoong's charisma lies?
A: Jaejoong is very muscular, he has the most beautiful body. Although, his muscles are not clear at first and he seems very thin, he's actually very muscular from all the working out he has done! Also, Jaejoong has a soft heart, his personality is such that even though he dislikes a person, he would not tell them. He's very compassionate, and even though he is hurt himself, he would not show it. Sometimes, I get worried when I see him suffering by himself. Ah! His cooking is also amazing! He always makes good food for us!

Is there anyone that Jaejoong particularly cares about?
A: It's probably the hyung that he was living with before we debuted. They went through hard times together. He seems to care a lot for Jaejoong and likewise, Jaejoong cares a lot about him, and really likes him.
>> The Guy JJ likes <<
information: For those of you inquiring about who exactly this "hyung" guy is. I've finally found out. xD His full name is Jung Eun Jae and he's 3 years older than Jaejoong. He used to be an SM trainee, but is now part of a different company. He just debuted in a band called "Lug" last September, so if you really want to find out more, just look up that band.

+++[Q] Does Jaejoong have any strange habits?
A: Yes...he loves to think about other things by himself! When the members are chatting happily, his mind would be wandering off elsewhere, and then there would be a blank expression on his face. What exactly is he thinking about during those times? I really want to know, but at those times, I can't ask him...

+++Q] What person does Jaejoong most like?
A: Shouldn't it be his family and mother? Jaejoong has a very strong love for his mother. I think that when he gets married, he would be a very gentle, kind, husband and father.

-ILoveShowTank Interview
This is where Jae admits that his ideal girl "HK" is actually HOT's Kangta (a guy)
YunHo: He's saying his ideal girl is H.K. It's always changing with him though. Yesterday it was Y.H. (....) Wait, that's my initial.

-MNet Best Couple [January 14 2007]
JaeHo won second place at MNet's Best Couple

-JaeHo wearing the same earings on January 20 2007
This are also the earings the wore together on the cooking part of HIJapan

-The PEACE vs. TVXQ game [January 28 2007]
Someone would be eating a very spicy mustard fishcake. Turns out that Yunho got them then after Yunho revealed himself, Jae feeds Yunho his own fishcake to lessen the uneasiness Yunho is feeling.

-Awards on SBS [jae checking if yunho's jealous]
He is!

-Yunho made a mistake in dance moves at XMan
Yunho made a mistake while dancing and Jaejoong smiled at the back of Yunho because he is the only one looking from the members ^^

*February Events

-Artist Special
[Q] Favorite Dancer?
Yunho: Michael Jackson....blah..blah..
Jae: I have one too but he's not really a dancer. That person can sing really well, his dancing is very cool, and he has a great personality. He is...Tohoshinki's Yunho.

-Interview JaeHo highlights
to Yunho...
[Q] Have you ever secretly dated someone without letting the company know?
A: When I was still a trainee, I secretly dated someone once but get too busy with DongBangShiKi
to Jaejoong...
[Q] Has any female singer ever proposed to you?
A: Yunho's popularity is relatively high, when Ock Juhyun was doing a radio program, she often used to say that former Fin.K.L member Lee Jin is a Yunho fan. Yunho didn't have any sort of reaction after he heard that, but the strange thing is that my face suddenly turned red.

-Prince In Prague [piggyback ride Jaejoong has given for Yunho]

-Japanese Radio Interview
Jaejoong: Yunho, yes, ah, the first time I saw Yunho, he had a lot of charisma. Of course, he is still very charismatic now, but at the time, he really had a lot of charisma.
Yunho: Thank you, Jaejoong. *fans go wild*
Jaejoong: I always feel that his whole being emits an air of charisma, it's a bit scary, but I really like that kind of feeling. *fans: ooh...*
Host: Like?
Jaejoong: I didn't mean it that way.

They are talking about JAejoong acting his role as a girl on VACATION with passion.
Jaejoong: It's not suitable for me.
Yunho: IT's very suitable. I want take picture of Jaejoong as a girl so I snapped it and showed it to the stuffs but they asked, "Do you have a new girlfriend now?" And I said "No, that's JaeJoong" (not girlfriend but boyfriend ^^)

-Mnet Top 10 prettiest korean male
Yunho chose Jaejoong and Jaejoong chose Yunho.

-Yunho's birthday messages
Jaejoong:  You should be spending your birthday with family and friends so its very disappointing but you have us, our members. Lets think of it in a good way. Also our fans in Japan and Cassiopeia in Korea... You can't see them with your eyes but you can see them with your heart, U-know~~!! Always be lively, stocky Uknow. When times passes and its our 30th and 40th birthday, we have to show our appearance~^^ All of us together~ The sulky Kim Youngwoong Jaejoong that Uknow thinks of.

-Jaejoong's birthday message to Yunho {through his iple account}:
I wanted to ask (someone).
Why I was lost in the woods...
Why I followed such difficult love...
Why I could not find such happiness in my life
Now I know..
That I'm happy to have..
Someone who understands me..
and cares about me...

-The start of Jaejoong jealousy out of YunHae (yunho+donghae)

-Jae planning a kiss?

-M-On Premium Live!
Jae: Why are you singing korean songs now?
Yunho: Honestly I find learning all Japanese lyrics really difficult.
Jae: Does that mean you have not learned any japanese songs??
Yunho: NO! I have! tohoshinki songs!
Yunho: i'll sing just a little..."I LOVE YOU~~~~"
Jae looks up: only love me??
Yunho: only!
Jae: buuut that's not in japaneseeeeeeeee
Yunho: soshite...uhm

-JaeHo in AllAboutTVXQ
From Yunho's interview, Yunho said that his ideal is someone who's respect to the elders, has beautiful eyes, very good at cooking and someone who can control a man
And Jaejoong said he likes woman with beautiful hands because he would like to hold his lover's hand and Jae praised Yunho as the most attractive member beacuse of his masculinity & leadership.

-2nd Concert Rehearsal
The Phonecall incident..
They were being interviewed when somebody's phone rings. YooSuMinHo's phone were off and turns out that it's Jaejoong's phone. It fell down and Changmin was able to get it faster. Yunho and JAejoong were both trying to reach for the phone but ChangMin stood up and started talking about it. YooSu stood up and talk along with Changmin. ThenJae stood up as well to grab the phone of Min's hand. Jae got his phone and he looks at Yunho who looks back at him. It was a short look from each other since Changmin started to sit down.

-2nd Concert Talk
Jaejoong: Ah, tonight’s performance has great meaning to me. (Fans: Jaejoong, don’t cry!!!) The first time that we performed here, because my leg was injured, I was unable to give you my best performance. Sorry! *lowers head and rubs away tears* (Fans: Jaejoong, you are the best!!! Jaejoong don’t cry!!!)
Yunho: *pats Jaejoong* Our Jaejoong-ah, has worked very hard in order to show you his best performance tonight. Don’t you think so? (Fans: Yes!!!)

-JaeHo on RZTV#27
Yunho mocking Jaejoong cutely and lovingly ^^

-Bear HUG in 2nd Concert

-Bark's Date Interview
Jae: If that's me...
Changmin: If you were a girl (because even if he was a guy he'd choose Yunho so Min needs to remind him the if Jae was a girl)
Jae: If I were a girl, I'd choose Yunho because he is very manly.
JaeHo highlights video:

-070226 Shinkaigyo Interview

*March Events

-"O" Photoshoot
JaeJoong: Yunho is daze/careless a lot, I really like that side/kind of him.
Changmin: We love him!
JaeJoong: Yeah, that's why I love him.
Changmin: We love you! I Love U (in english) *laughs*
JaeJoong: I love you Yunho~ *do the arm-heart thing* I love you~~~ *blush*

-Super Viking Jealousy
Yunho jealous at Super Viking when Jae hugged another man.

-Yokohama Asian Groove
JJ: In a girl's appearance, well, I also won't trust myself participating in Tohoshinki's activities...*laughs* Really.
DJ: I understand. Today we have an honest, serious Jaejoong.
JJ: Yes.'

-Yunho fanning Jae SKY PV Shoot

-Yahoo! Live Talk!
Junsu: Jaejoong is really very gentle.
Junsu: He has many good points and is like a mother amongst the members.
Jaejoong: Yunho, [places hand on Yunho's thigh] Tohoshinki's leader, is like the father of the band. [fingers start playing on Yunho's leg]
Host: Father?!
Jaejoong: just like a papa. [fingers continue to play with Yunho's leg]
Host: Mama, Papa?
Junsu: Yeah, that's how it is.
Jaejoong: [smiles and places hand on Yunho's shoulder] He's just like a dad. He has a gentle personality, and has leadership ability [touches Yunho's thigh again] He really has a masculine air [continues to touch Ho's leg] He's Tohoshinki's leader, this kind of member. [leg touching again]
Yunho: Thank you. [grabs Jae's hand for a moment while the two exchange love-filled looks.]
Then later on in the interview, when asked about improvements amongst the members, Jae said that Yunho really improved in his dancing and singing and then the host was said, "Praising Yunho again?"

-Red Sun SMTown Photoshoot
JaeHo thrusting!!!

-Jealous "O" MV making
Yunho messing with a backup dancer and everyone finds it amusing except for one...

-Radio Show
Yunho to Jae: I don't like you.
Jaejoong to Yunho: Well, I don't like you either.
Yunho: Then I like you!~ <3
Jaejoong: ... *speechless*

-A present I want to give the person I love?
JJ: A piggyback ride near the river.
....recalls Prince In Prague and the Jealous Jae when Donghae piggybacked Yunho. For Jae, giving someone a piggyback is a special thing.

-CartiersRing investigation {couple rings??}

-Noh Hong Chul's radiostation
Yunho: I see a beautiful clown dancing on a rope in front of me...and he looks like lee, he looks like YOUNGWOONG JAEJOONG [jae laughs at that moment] heart is aching as i look at that person...i want to touch him, love him, kiss him.....but he won't come down from the rope......"
Jae: I see the king...I'm walking on a rope and dancing...the KING IS KISSING ME!!!!
Then junsu and micky and changmin act out their parts (junsu is a sexy lady and micky is a man who's hitting on the lady lol and changmin is a PIG).
They take turns saying who they think they were in their past life. (this part is not part of the script anymore).
Jae: I was probably a clown like lee junki's character in The King's Man, who made the King laugh...I would have taken the lady (junsu) and the mermaid (micky) and the pig (minnie) and gone to the king.... the King would be Yunho.
Everyone: OHHHHHHHH....
Jae: and I'm trying to make him laugh, but he tries to seduce me! The King would say "you're pretty" ...
YunHo: That's not very funny...where is this story going?
Yunho sounds a bit pissed off, not actually angry but kind of nervous. He's smiling but not actually smiling. He's nervous that Jae is being too obvious about his affections?

-[FM]07.02.03 a-station chummytrain
Yunho's part...
Max: The last one.
Xiah: U-Know-kun.
Max: The most anticipated answer.
U-Know: Why?
Hero: Because (you) are handsome...
Xiah: Where do you want to go the most?
U-Know: I wanted to go to the amusement park the most.
Hero: Amusement park...
U-Know: In amusement park, while we are playing around, we can ask the aritst to capture our expressions.
Xiah: Who's gonna pay for it? [Really knows how to manage a household]
U-Know: It's me, of course...
Audience: Ooh~~~
U-Know: It's not gonna be a problem.
Xiah: Then everything used in the amusement park will be borne by the girlfriend. (laughs)
U-Know: The whole day's expenses will be borne by me...
Audience: Oh~~~
Xiah: Tomorrow... (laughs) {might have meant to go tomorrow at the park since yunho will be paying}
U-Know: Yeah!!!
Max: After doing that, what about parting ways???
U-Know: When parting ways, "see you tomorrow."
U-Know: When parting ways, "see you tomorrow" is the best answer.
Xiah: "See you tomorrow", oh, although it's going home, it has a similar meaning to saying "I like you".
Hero: (loudly) I "don't want to part ways", "don't want to part ways"...
Max: Get set...
Hero: (continues loudly) I "don't want to part ways"!!!

*April Events

-YunHo [Jae vs. Chun]
The way Yunho looks at them.

-Jap Interview
[Q] If you were to turn into a girl, where would you go?
Junsu: Girls’ bathhouse!
Changmin: really???
Jae: I think a lot of guys say this actually when they are asked.
Junsu: Is this what you think too? (to Jae)
Jae: No, guys ( meaning....he'd go to the guys bathhouse if he's a girl)
Junsu: Omg, that’s not normal!

-DongBangWorldTour JaeHo subtleness

-Choosey Love Live! [April 5 2007]
Jae grabbing his crotch while looking at Yunnie's crotch 0_o?!

-JaeHo @ Channel A Battles
moobs grabbing:
moobs grabbing:

-The coming of the mini Jaehos!! [April 10 2007]
Jae with SW:
Yunho with MB:
Minis Love:
Minis Love:

-DBSK Interview *jaeho part*
[Q] What do you do when your girlfriend is mad at you?
They have to act this out, so yunho was pretending to be the girl  and jaejoong was the guy ( not normal ) the conversation goes:
Jaejoong: I’m jaejoong, do you hate me?
Yunho: No, I like you, cause you are handsome!
[Q] How do you confess your feelings to the one you love?
Junsu: I want to see you, can you feel my love?
Yoochun: I don't need to…
Changmin: let’s get married!
Yunho: I want to have a lot of precious memories with you!
Jaejoong: he sang Mika’s 「爱してる~爱してる~」!

-DBSK Learning Japanese
Yunho: Do you like me?
Jaejoong: No
Yunho: Ah is it so? (Sou desu ka = really?)
Jaejoong: Not at all (takes back his "no" ^^)

-Jae calling Yunho "oppa"?

-Asian Blog Thailand [recall 2006]
Coconut trees...blah..blahh..
Jaejoong: There is no elephant for me?
Yoochun: There is a BEAR for you now.
Junsu: Our band already has a bear so he doesn't need an elephant anymore.
Jae: *pretends he is not hearing anything and gets the coconut.*
Yunho: *touches Jaejoong's chest and imitated an elephant, hence the odd noise and arm-reaching-out-to-touch-jae action. The 'noise' was supposed to be that of an elephant's and his arm was supposed to be an elephant's trunk*
Jae: *remains looking at him dumb-founded*

-DBSK on Jihwaza
Yunho lost the cartier rings
emphasized picture:

*May Events

-DBSK on Star King...Jae's feelings
Jae: People who speak different languages fall in love. Age shouldn't matter so much, it's nothing to be embarassed about. It's nice to see your beautiful love, I hope that you continue to live happily. (but in Jae's's gender that doesn't matter)

-JaeHo sharing underwear??
Jae @ 3:31:

-Channel A's Nude 070424

-Live Mania SKY Performance
Jae sliding his hands on Yunho CUT

-Barks in History in Japan CUT

-2nd Japanese Live Tour [May 13, 07]
Jaejoong: the weather was really hot, but it was really sad cuz yunho wasn’t with us
Yunho: why are you smiling if that was sad?
*jaejoong went down with one knee, and with a very sad tone*
Jaejoong: it was so sad that Yunho wasn’t there with us...
Yunho immediately went over to pull him up with his hand, and the two held hands for a little while before letting go of each other!
Junsu: Yunho eats all the egg whites, what about egg yolks? Who ate all the egg yolks?
*Jaejoong point himself with one finger*
Jaejoong: Me! I ate all the egg yolks!!”
This shows that Yoochun really is the best jaeho shipper in the world! ^^
Jaejoong: the A-Nation last year was a little sad!
Yoochun: a little? Only a little?
Jaejoong: gahh, fine!
*jae walked toward the audience*
Jaejoong: it was really…really sad! Is this ok now!?!

-YooSuMin Accomplice of JaeHo [update]
link: Evidence and pasts...

-JaeHo slept together at Shanghai
Translation by iheartuknow...
First of all, let’s look at the pillow on the bed (I think its talking about the one on the right):
When you first look at the place of the pillow, you would think of two possibilities: 1). The pillow was there for the person to lean his back on so it would be comfortable! 2). The person wants to be positioned higher than the person sleeping next to him so that he can hold that person into the arms while sleeping.
To think in jaeho mind, one can conclude that Yunho put that pillow higher to hold Jae in his arms while sleeping. (I guess they think that Yunho was the one sleeping on the right side)
Second, only one lamp, which is the one on the right side, is lighted:
Both sides have lamps. Why is it that only one is lighted? If the conclusion made above was right (Yunho held jae in his arms while sleeping) then both of them would be positioned near the right lamp (Yunho‘s side), so it would be easier to only light that lamp in the morning, and then Yunho could wake Jae up with sweet whispers and kiss him good morning.
Last but not least, let’s talk about all the pillows that were aligned on the right side:
This again proves that the two were holding each other and slept on the right side of the bed. The left side of the bed is not messy, but the other side however is the opposite. There are many pillows on that side. It’s very comfortable to stuff pillows under or on one side of the body if one is holding someone to sleep, therefore, it would make sense if Yunho put all those pillows near one side of his body and then to hold Jae on the other side. This would be very comfortable. There is also the possibility that they were doing something else that night. If they were doing jaeho smex, then the pillows would be for jae, to put under his body and then…… (you can imagine whatever from here)

-New XMan #5
The birth of Jae7en pairing.

*June Events

-Arena #37 Special Interview
Yunho: There are lot of times like that. Because JJ and I have a smaller age gap, so when he laughs, I will naturally laugh along. Sometimes when I'm depressed, JJ will come and talk to me to adjust the mood, imitating my laughter like a silly clown. Seeing that side of him makes me feel at ease so my smile will naturally appear. However, since the 5 of us are very close, so which ever member who smiles will serve as a big encouragement to my depressed self.

-June 10 2007 Bigeastation Marriage Declaration
translation by checkerzelda:
[Q] Say, if you were a girl, which member do you want to marry?
YH & JJ: This is difficult..
JJ: Thissssssssss is......deep troubleeeee.....really baddddd...
JS: It's bad...
JJ: If it was me, I'll marry Yunho.
JS: Why?
JJ: Yunho is, how do you say it..has a really masculine personality. If I were a girl, I think he would protect me well.
YH: Ah..thank you very much.
JJ: Junsu is probably weak...
JS: HEY! What about you Yunho? Who would you marry?
YH: I...
JS: Who is it???
YH: It's Jaejoong. Hahahah!!
JJ: Ah, thank you!
JS: There are other members too. Take turns.
YH: That, I know but it's gotta be Jaejoong. Jaejoong is really good in cooking.
JS & JJ: Is that so?
YH: If I have time, I'd like to learn...
JJ: Ok. Everyone, thank you! Tsk. Yunho and I are getting married. From now on we are husband and wife.
YH & JS: Told you it was going to bad.

-Dream Concert
pic: Jae wiping Yun's sweat
pic: YunJae signed their YunJae picture

-Rehearsal Picture Concert
pic: Yunho hugged Jae from behind.

-Gokigenyou June 13 07
Yunho rubbed Jae's inner thigh...

-A's Nude Sendai
JJ: It's beautiful.
YH: We'll buy it.
JJ: *asks for money*
YH: It don't have money. Let Jaejoong pay.
JJ: *squeels and laughs like a girl*

-2nd Live Tour Talk
Jaejoong was wiping his sweet in the back while the others were talking...
Yunho: Yeah, Jae wasn’t there last year!
*both the members and the audience laughed after hearing what yunho said*
*jae came over to the four, shocked*
Jae: What? Me?
*yunho kept on talking as though he didn’t hear Jae*
Yunho: this year A-Nation, all five of us have to participate!
*everyone laughed again*
Jae: What?
*jae was speechless hearing what yunhoshii said*

-Yunho squeezing Jae's butt/hooking his thumb on Jae's pants

-Entertainment Extras after FITB
Making Yunho Jealous

-SM Concert
video: Jae looking longingly at Yunho

-TVHB Entertainment Channel A
Yunho peeking inside the tank. Why? Because Jaejoong is inside.

-Yunho's Blatant Action @ FITB Concert.
vid: Sliding his arms on Jae's waist at SKY performance
credits: HeavensWine + JaeHo_YongwonHi
(never remove the credit when taking out)

comments all go to part 2...
( Tracing Sweet Memories Part 2 )
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