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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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hi :)
I would like to read some of your fan fics and posts about YunJae, and by the way I'm a Filipino too, it's kind of hard to look for Fil YunJae fans :P
just found ur LJ.. ur name is familiar.. i think it's from multiply..
add me back.. thx ^^
Uwah... add me? The post about Nine got private. Huhuhu.
just found this..-.-
imma slow but i was only know your vids on utube n i think i read ur fic somewhere..
*scratch my head*
but love them all..XD
(sorry i maybe have this short-term memory) >.<
i was disappoint also when they do that to ur utube acc.. D<
but, yeah..what can we do..
just don't stop even if they close more.. :p
make another if they do that again..xp
I dont how to describing my self. But one thing i know for sure.. Im YunJae shipper as u do. My grammar is bad, i have no time to comment at ur ff, bcz i read it using my mobile, during my break time. But my yunjae source update was from u on LJ and twitter, my id @MrsJungJaeJung. Im from indonesia. 26 years old, female. Just call me amy. If i add u, could you adding me back, please..
Thank you very much..^^
I'm YunJae crazy!!><(same my twitter username)

myname 'Nime'^^

nice to meet you

first time that i found you're LJ is entry...Kim Jae Joong ~ 100%???????? hahaha It's made me more crazy>< Thanks a lot for your picture that can made me happiness^___^
Oh it's's you..I found you...I knew you have a multiply account but I didn't know you have LJ account..I love are the greatest yunjae shipper's was because of you I become a yunjae fan and thank you for introducing me to this beautiful couple*bow you*....can I be friend with you?
please add me back*bribe you with yunjae cookies*
Hi there. I used to watch your YJ vids from your old channel. I finally found your LJ. :D

I want to add you to my f-list, hope you don't mind.^^
My name is Aiza, from the Philippines.
Your vids are amazing and I am yet to read your fanfics.
Hiya, i follow you on twitter . Have been a yunjae shipper for a while omg so love the way the love each other (i hope)... i found you when i decided to try my luck and find another yunjae shipper and you were the first to be there...^^ i'll love if you can add me thx
hello there key-shii :D
I only joined livejournal a month ago even though i've been a yunjae fan for almost 3 years now..I don't know if you remember xXxanie0hautiesxXx on youtube but I commented quite a few *cough*alot*cough* times on your videos =]
hope that you can add me back. <3
hello :) im a huge yunjae fan and i would loveee to read ur work and add me please~ i promise i wont take out your work and i'll try to comment as much as i can...even though its quite u def deserve credit and compliments for ur work^^ so yeah...hope to get to know u better^^ thank you~~~~~~
can you add me back^_^
I'm fifteen and from Malaysia and my bias is both Yunho and Yoochun:D
I'm adding you because I worship you to be honest:)
you're like super cool:D
thanks anyway:)
Thankyoou for adding me back~~ ^^
Can u add me back? I'm also a 윤재 big fans.. ><
It's good to have a lot friends who also a 윤재 shipper.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
So, would u mind to add me back? >
HOPE WE CAN BE FRIENDS!!~ //FAILURE// *hides in a corner*
Ofc I wanna be friends, bc I'm a huge Yunjae shipper and I remember you from jaeho_yongwonhi and youtube, some of my fave YJ vids are yours :D (like the MKMF 08 one I love the most which is like #1 evidence to me ;D)
Add back?

Hello! My name is Christy and Im a huge fan of yunjae and dbsk.

Well umm..the reason I added you is because I wanted to read your fics cause they sound really good. Oh and I also wanna be your friend. *Grin*

Nice to meet you!And don't worry. If I read anything I'll comment. ^^

hihi (: !
I don't use LJ much ~
only to read Yunjae fics lol !
and since you are a YJ fan I'd really like to see the contents of your site :D !
hope this is enough lah ^_^
Hey would you mind adding me? Yue was telling me you had loads of cool things in here and I came to check it out! <3 \O/ *excited yunjae fan* :D
hellooo ^^..I just add you as a friend here..but I already follow your twitter and subscribe your youtube acc ^^..hope we can be friends..since I love all your YunJae stuff ^^
Hai~!!! Im from malaysia~
Im a YunJae fan and really really love Yunjae! :D
I love all your works and crazy-ness over Yunjae~~!! <333
Thanks to you, I can see many proves that YunJae is indeed real!
Do you know midoritenma? she always talk about you~ ^_~ haha
Hi! Just stumbled across your livejournal, your entries are really interesting and you seem really cool ^_^ I hope we can be friends? I love yunjae too ♥
I added you,could you add me back,please?
I'm a Yunjae's fan and only Yunjae
I watched some of your vids in youtube and I really like it :D
And I want to read your fic Y^Y
hellooooo, my name is Mchan n very nice to meet ya all, esp d blog owner, Ms. Heavenswine ^^! I m a shipper since 2010 (if not a yunjae maniac, since i couldn't live w/o yunjae anymore, wkkwkwkwkwk).

i first saw yunjae when i browsed youtube for some yaoi dorama n one of ur yunjae vid caught my attention. it was jae's feminime face tht dragged my eyes on yunjae. i wasn't into korean idol back then, so at first i thought jae' name is yunjae, bwahahhahaha.. soon i learned tht yunjae means yunho n jaejoong, lol. n instead being satisfied, i became more n more curios n ended obsessed in yunjae ^^!

of course, shipping a lot of blog n vids, there's no way i haven't heard ur infamous name, hehehehe (pardon my rudeness pliz, he2 ^^). n i just found this blog 2 days agoooo.... i wish i found it sooner *cries*

well, i m here now at least n feel very content ^^! i added u just now n hope u can add me back ^^! really really appreciate it, ehehehehehe.. thank you in advance ^^!
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty sooo very muach for adding me back ^^!
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