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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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hello there..
i love your creative..
me also a fans of yunjae..but most to yoosu><
but love this 2 couple so much..
hope you could add me back...>
Unni wahy i added you ? cause i love YUNJAE SO MUCH ! yeah we have same believeing on YUNJAE !! i know my grammar so bad , but you know what i mean (maybe..) it so meaningfull if we have friend that have same ideology (??) hehe . I LOVE YUNJAE , they more than real cause they really real .

i hope Unni can adding me back , sankyuu .
HI! :D I just want to say I love your Yunjae posts and I SAW YOUR FANSIGN !!!!!

^__^ I read your fanaccount and when I saw these fansigns on the vid, i was like, WHOA that's HEAVENSWINE's FANSIGNS! :D i'm a dork, i know x]
thank you for adding me as a friend! :)
Hi I'm Jejungi from Twitter.
Stumbled upon your channel on youtube and I watched the vids...... and the YunJae vids made me cry T^T You really are awesome! I'm a YunJae shipper and i would reaally want to read your fics! Especially "Loving Without Margins" I watched the trailer and really want to read the story too.
pless add me as your dork fren/fan..i love ur fanfic and yunjae news from bad im not good in english and but im will leave you comments everytime im subscribed..god bless you
Hi there dear, you know me on twitter as DesertCassie80. Would you mind adding me back? I'd appreaciate it ^.^ Thanks, hon I hope you're doing well, dear queen of YJ shippers hehe *bows*
Hello there ..
I have been following your awesome Yunjae youtube channel for quite sometimes already and only today one of my yunjae shipper's friend recommend me your Livejournal site... whooaahh, i am so grateful to meet your site here because I am a super Yunjae shippers too ..
appreciate if you could 'unlock' me too here, will be really glad to read the fanfic over here ..
thank you very much ..
yunjae jjang!!!
haii girl ^^

iam so glad can found ur lj ne i just have ur twitt not long rite ^^

ahhh me from indo and me yunjae shipper if i can say like that ^^

alsoo i want reading ur fic nee ^^ can i be ur friend ~~~~

Heeeeey! Iuhm, I don't know if you're still accepting friends and all, but I just wanted to say: DHHUSHJSHDJCFJCNJDHDDJJDJFJFIFKTJFJFJJFJDKKSKS! Homg! I love you so much for feeding us, rabid YunJae fangirls yunjae goodies whenever you can. I (we) owe you our sanity whenever we are hit with our chronic craving for YunJaeness, especially at times like these. Dear, I know we are asking too much from you but I want you to know that every video, every fic, everything that you create, makes a difference to us. Thank youuuuu~ please don't ever get tired of us!:))

Keep safe and God bless!
I was unsure if I should leave the comment here or not.... If it's the wrong place, I'm truly sorry!

I finally found your LJ! I dled one fic of yours from... somewhere. The "Loving Without Margins" one. And I was thrilled to find you here. So I hope it's okay to add you. You're YunJae love is much needed in my world right now... ^^

Kisses, Dani.

Deleted comment

pls add me back please..First i want to add u bcoz of YunJae...our dear and beloved YunJae..Second i want to be friend with YJ crazy fangals ,bcoz i think i'm like u, in love with YunJae and DBSK
Unnie I'm Mi Ly from Twitter, plz add me
hi there,
I'm oppie,
the reason why I added u is simple,
cause we're the same.
I love YunJae couple more than anything in my life(lmao)
n I believe they are really real.

I don't really expect u to add me back,
cause I'm not the type who likes to talk much,
and if u maybe have a conversation with me,
I'm sure u'll find me a boring person.

and No,
I'm not the person who likes to take others post out,
cause I'm a lazy person.
and moreover,
I don't really have internet connection (even if I have, here in Indonesia, the connection speed is very very low, sometimes I feel like throwing my modem on the wall, but it's the only one I have)
sorry for my ranting
*cough cough*

that's it.
hi key!
i'm sisca ^^
i know u from my friend.
add me back please =)

not literally, but i would if i could. xD HAIIII!! I'm Nicolette! I'm 16 and I'm from NZ. My bias is Yunho but i enjoy perving at Yoochun's lips, Changmin's eyes, Jaejoong's tongue and Junsu's butt. my religion is TVXQism and i preach their art of perfection everywhere on fb, twitter, blogger, LJ etc.

tbh, i've been stalking your LJ for a few days now and i've found you to be actually pretty funny. i'd really like to get to know you and i have a feeling the two of us would hit it off well. ^_~

((btw, ignore the fact that i sound like i'm hitting on you. xD))
hello~ i have always been a fan of your videos~ :) a fellow yunjae shipper. you were one of the reasons why i can't stop loving our yunjae~ i am yani, 20, from philippines. mind if i add you as friend? :)
Hi HeavensWine would like to be added as your friend, if that's okay.
I'm Lorena an I'm from Portugal. I've been a fan of DBSK for sme time now and I notived Yunjae right away ad they became my fave otp. I watched all your videos so I wanted t follow your lj too because you have alot of interesting tings t say about them and analysis.
I hope you consider me, thanks in advance ^^
It's simply for me to say it:

I LOVE soo muchh YUNJAE !!!!!

Ahm, I am from México and dont speak easily english ^^' sorry!!

But its easy say that I love YUNJAE. More than I think 6.6

I hope you will add me >.<
I love your entrys xP
Thanks lot. i have been missing Yunjae so much, but your vids are fabulous and made me realise i have to be strong and believe in their love as they are doing so,thanks for sharing this lovely piece of YUNJAE HEAVEN with us...Bless you..i am LOVING THIS SITE :D
Adding you because I'm a Cassie, and I believe in Yunjae completely. Your videos are amazing and do wonders to the fandom. Thanks :)
Hi there! I swear I ship your works (vids, fics, etc.) XD Mind if I add ya?
hye... i've added u n i hope u can add me back~ i'm not an active user of lj,,, but one thing for sure... i really2 totally love dbsk... especially this couple.. n i really hope that u willl add me back~~~~~~^_^ thanks~
Hello, HeavensWine!
Your vid YUNJAE MKMF 2008 TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH have made me fall deep in love with DBSK & YJ! It's a big turn of my life! Back then, of course I heard of the name "DBSK" and the famous couple YunJae but not until watching this video that I officially become a fan! That was in December 2008, I still remember!
I also love your vids YJ in Happy Together show and O Concert Encore. Hope you will re-upload these some days!
Btw, I'm 22, from Vietnam. Would you mind adding me back, please?
Thank you for all your Yunjaeness <333333
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