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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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yo my new(hopefully)bb!!!! i'm Les,huge (old and perverted) YUNJAEchunminsu fan.Adding you cause i believe in Yunjae,and whole TVXQ appearances. And fosho your videos are add me baby kissu and huggu.
hello, nice to meet u!
im ari :3 from taiwan ~
i really like yunjae lots and ur livejournal (?) < this sounds a bit weird..
so if you dont mind can you add me please ??
ill be hardworking and ... umm.. comment loads? :3
have a great 2011 :)

hey! please add me! i've always heard of how you share yunjae info and i want to read all your posts but some of it are locked... ):



January 10 2011, 23:44:09 UTC 6 years ago

What do you mean?
hello po..
i just read "loving without margins" at winglin in one go (and got hooked)
i would really like to finish it completely,and i'd like to read your other works too...^_^v
so can i friend you???
thanks in advance...*hides and shies aways*
T_T finally found ur lj account, I've been following your youtube accounts and decided to add ur lj <3 Queen of YunJae! I love reading,watching ur observations :3
hi~~ i'm hira from malaysia..
i'm a die-hard-fan of yunjae.. and i really want to read your fics on yunjae.. so i hope you don't mind if i add you..
add me back..pleaseee~~~
Omy omy omy it's really you!!! ~(‾.‾~) (~‾.‾)~ dancing dancing

Hi, I'm key,, hey, we share the same name.. I have just seen your yunjae videos on youtube n those are awesoooome!!
I love love love em so much.. Esp the one titled uncountable replay.. I've been replay the video for hundred times!! (I know I'm exaggerating but I can't help it!!)^^

Soo,I'm so glad to see ur lj,, I add you, can you add me back,, please please pretty please, I swear I always give comment on every story I read.. So, friends?? =)
Hello, i'm Jeanica!
Please do add me as a friend!
I really love watching ur YunJae vids!
Hoping to see more... i miss them! T.T
hi I'm new on LJ, I hope you could add me as your friend. Thank You! I really like yunjae too!
i saw your name on youtube and i went on your lj
really interested in reading your fic!!
btw, my name is aleen and i'm from malaysia. :D
Hi! can you add me as a friend? i'm a huge yunjae fan for about 2 and a half years now. XD thanks!
hi :) I'm hila~~ nice yo meet you ^_^
I've seen your videos on youtube~~ and i'm a huge fan of yunjae too ^_^~~~add me pls <3
Hi Key!!!
I'm Fiffy from Malaysia.
I love yunjae so much!!They're my world..I can't live without them together..
By the way, I love your fictions and your posts..Those are all about yunjae!
And here I added you as my friend..I hope you would add me back..Let's spread yunjae love together!! YUNJAE FIGHTING!!! KEY FIGHTING!! And not to forget thanks for your lovely thoughts of yunjae by sharing with us, yunjae fans!!! ^^
hiiiiiii i would really like to read your fic i'm a youtube subscriber and i saw the trailer and now im super dooper curious about the fic. so i would really love it if you'd add me back haha...preeeeetty please?
i am fishylove90 from malaysia.
i found you fic "loving without margins" at winglin a long time ago and ithe fic is superb!!! i already read it till the end and now when i want to re-read it again i found that u already locked yunho's POV. So i added you as friend hoping i can read them again. keep writing. and please add me back. ^^
Hi I added you because I love Yunjae haha ^^ and I wanted to read your Ffs and basically all of your Yunjae posts! :)
My name is Yohaly and I love love love YunJae. I've watched all of your videos on YT and saw on your profile that you had a lj too :D Please add me back~
Sorry for my english, I love YUNJAE!
Your lj it's fantastic!
Hope you added me like as friend!
My name is Ever and I would be glad if we could be friends. I love YunJae and believe in YunJae with all my being. I have heard you names so many times from YJ lovers, it would be wonderful if you could add me back. Thank you.
Hi there~

Mind me adding you?

I've been seeing you everywhere in many Yunjae-related sites. and I read your account when you were in JYJ's showcase~ :D

I love your YT channel, because YJ is everywhere~ XD
I really love Yunjae and their moments :)) and I added you 'cause you've helped me get to know them better. I really appreciate your effort in updating things and events about them ♥
I also love your Yunjae fanvids, they're the best! :)
Please add me back if that's okay.. thank you ^^
Hi~!! I'm Meru from Malaysia~
I added you when I find your name at Jaeho Yongwonhi community and because I love YunJae too~!(although I'm just new at knowing them...) And your fics and vids are really awesome~!!

I hope you'll add me back though~ ^^
hey i'm jessica.. and i already add u girl.. the reason why i add u,, because i know you was one of the maniac yunjae,, so do i..! so i would like to chat with you about yunjae..!!XDD
and i found that u are really COOL..!! coz you always have yunjae news update that make me damn more believe about them...!!!!hehehe
hi ^^
i was wondering if you have another link for this:

Whole MNET 19 best couple:
Yoosu and YunJae coupling:

as you see the videos are already removed. :( i really want to watch it. :(
or if you have the copy, would you mind re-uploading them, ? :D

thank youuu~
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