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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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I'm a newly converted DBSK/YunJae fan. ^^ And I'm really, really confused. Dx I can't differentiate between the rumors and the facts which makes everything seem so uncertain and scary. *sigh* But amidst all that uncertainty I think your journal really helps in many ways. So! I was hoping you could either friend me or at least direct me to a place where I can get accurate info on this whole debacle.
Please and thank you! *bows*
Hi, Key.... I'm Tama... I already followed you on twitter... I really like the post that you share to us especially about YunJae... I adore YunJae so much... So sad that YJP closed their site but the hell with them coz we have you as our super cool YunJae's news supplier... pliz add me back, hun...
hey Im J.D and no im not a boy
my fave couple YUNJEA, and Yoosu (im leaving out Changmin for the rest of us)
Im waiting for DBSK to come back together
I added u a long time ago but i had trouble with my internet when i came back so i didn't get to read ur work.
I hope u add me back so i can
Hi! My name is cho and I would to befriending you..
Just like u I'm a Yunjae fangirl.. Hope you don't mind to add me back? Thank you <3
hello my name is srijana. my lj name is motubunu7. m from nepal. i love dbsk n m a huge yunjae shipper. my bias is jaejoong n i want to marry changmin. i lob him n his snarkiness ^^ i write yunjae fics n i stalk news on them coz i just love them so much that m obssessed over them. m 20 yrs old. i've been visiting ur lj every now n then n so i decided to comment n add u. so can i add u?
thnx for adding me key ^^v oh btw cud u lemme know what animes r the gifs that u used? kinda new to the whole anime thing ^////////////^ but love to read n watch them kekekekeke
hello~ loll

i would love for u to friend me back. i wanted to friend u because of your love for yunjae and its always fun to bond with yunjae supporters. ^^
sweetie I need your help!
please spread the word so more people can show their support to our boys!

we need more people to sign this petition:

I know your influence on this fandom so I hope you can help me out...

hi , i really love yunjae a lot so can i add you ?
please add me back and be my friend..
I see we have a lot in common. Teehee i love harry/draco couple too.
Yunjae is lovee!

Suspended comment

HI.. omg, after hours searching for yunjae related site other than YJE I've found yours~~~~
But then, your blog are F-locked. T.T could you add me to your friend list????
I'm hungry for Yunjae these days since they are little news about them since the yunho sneaked out at night and change car to see his lover incident.So, thank you in advance wouldn't hurt right? *ishintingyoutoapproveher* ^^
My name is Vicky and I have actually been reading your fics a while back. Not only that, but also followed you on youtube and visited your journal a lot before because of the YunJae posts. 8D They're love is just extraordinary! <33
Anyway, I wanted to friend you so that I can keep up with your work and lovely posts. I miss YunJae and your videos were actually what got me to ship them hardcore. *^* friends?
Hi !!! I'm a huge fan of YunJae ever since i became a fan of DBSK in 2006 !! And i've been subscribing to your youtube channel and following you on twitter !! Is it possible to add you as a friend??? :)
dear heavenswine unnie...
i am new in live journal i really don't know how to use it..
i've been a fan of you since i love yunjae.
its not that long though ..
but still i really adore your admiration toward yunjae
i love you <33
hello chingu..
just wanna ask..
did you hear something happen on strong heart part 2???
i have heard about this girl name mina thats tvxq fans..
than, she love yunho the most...
and she also on strong heart...
than there something about yunho said that jaejoong is more beautiful than her...
and lee seung gi said back to yunho..
'are you coming out' in joking way...
they said maybe this part will be edited...
i just asking if you have hear about this...>
I don't know if you've seen this or not but I thought I'd share it with you!! *^* Yunho mentioning "JAEJOONGIE" at fanmeet:

YUNJAE FTW!!! <333 To me it's like he's talking in complete Aegyo!!! >///
Hi.. Key *waves* I'm sheryl from Indonesia,i love ur fanvids about Yunjae & i'm sub in 2 ur YT channel. Da reason why i'm adding u is... Coz I'M ALSO A YUNJAE SHIPPER XD. Would u kindly add me back?,thx & nice 2 meet u :)
Hi there, my name is Jenny. I added you and would really appreciate if you can add me back 'cause I want to read your fanfics xD I'll be sure to comment if I do read, though~
I'm Emma,18 y.o this year:D
I LOVE Yunjae,and i hope i can become friends with you^^
Здравствуйте. Пожалуйста не удаляйте это сообщение. Алене нужна операция. Сайт - [url=] [/url] ( ). Кто может, помогите.

Deleted comment

I'm adding you just because I like your style of loving YunJae :D, serious, sincere and a little naughty ;)), just like me :)
Hoping you could add me back :D
Thank you ^^
hello r you?i really appreciate your hardworks..i am huge,huge yunjae fan..morem like yunjae worshipper..they are like my tonic and a ray that enlightens the love of my life..i love them so much!i have heard about you a i just decided to add you as our goal is the yunjae til the end.AKTF.:D.i have added you..thank you..:)
helloo :D
I'm dying to read the locked post about yunjae...can you please please please add me back?
I'm sorry if I sound rude and needy. but I really want to read those post. And when you visit my lj page don't be surprised when you find it blank. cause I create lj account especially so I can read your yunjae post. Love yunjae with all my heart <3

Thank you so much
nino :D
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