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Leave a comment to be added back.

Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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Rarely do I use LJ, but because of you, I'll usually use it from now on :D
Since you told us to introduce ourselves and tell you the reason why we add you as a friend, I'm writing this comment ^^
I'm Yuki, from Vietnam (err, if real name is necessary, my name is Tran Hanh). Certainly, I'm a Cassie and YunJae's lover as well xD
I started to know DBSG and YunJae since I was 15 years old, it has been ~3 years now ^^ It's not a long time but enough for me to have a special love with them.
About the reasons, I have quite many, but dont know how to express all of them '_' (sorry 'bout my bad language T^T).
Firstly, because you are the one I admire a lot >___< I really like your videos on youtube (I have most of them in my laptop~). They all are well-made, beautiful and totally awesome. But sometime, I cant download them in HD :( 'cause my IDM is the old version :( That makes me annoyed. I really want to keep your video in HD so that I can watch them in best condition and (in the future) I can show my...children (^^") how YunJae love is.
Secondly, it's difficult to find news about YunJae in VN ;_; I'm very sad 'bout this ;_; And really miss YunJae too :(( So I really, really, really want to read news in your LJ :-S
Thirdly, because we are YunJae lovers :)) Have the same love, neh ^^
Dont know what to say next... So I'll end my introduction here. Hope we can be friends on LJ :X
Well first of all I wanted to thank you for all the the things about YunJae you have. I have been a fan of YunJae first than DBSK so I try to keep the faith like everyone. It is kind of hard to do it but I still believe in YunJae. Also with all the videos and posts, you have made believe even harder on them, so that's why I ask you to let me be your friend in the LJ, because like everyone here I'm also trying to not lose the faith that someday we'll have more YunJae :)


p.s. sorry if a wrote something wrong I think that my spelling is not that good, it is just that I'm not an English speaker, so I apologize for the bad spelling.
hi my name is steph :)
i came across your account on jaehoyongwonhi and then from there i watched your yunjae videos and loved them so i was wondering if i could friend you? :) cause i also like readinf your yunjae posts :)
please and thank you in advance!
I am just a really happy YJ convert who nvr knew this lj existed. Please grant this little wish cos I need moar yunjae in my life.I only read and sure will not take anything out. Thankyou in advance XD
hello heavenswine. :D
i'm glad that there's a YunJae lover like you in this world! me too, a YunJae lover. but, when i read out all of your entries about YunJae, it makes me love them even more! and it's all because of your hard works on giving us so many infos about them. i wish, i can be your friend too.
thank you. ^___^
Hi, I'm Mercy! Your videos in the past that I've seen on youtube have been so uplifting for a dire Yunjae fan, so I was just wondering if you could add me back as a friend? I really appreciate all you've devoted toward this fandom.
hi , i finally planned on reading ur lovely fanfic "loving without margins" & i just finished reading it up to chapter 72 in winglin . it was really beautiful & now i want to read yunho's POV here.
would u please add me as ur friend so that i can know what finally hapened ? i'm so curious & dying to know.
also i wanna read ur other fics too . u write great honey
i'm adding you BTW

Deleted comment

hi dear Key, I really like yunjae couple :) I know its late, I'm just a newbie in YunJae's heaven.. I browse so many websites that spazzing YunJae, and voila, Your LJ is really a YJ heaven :) Please be friend w me :)
HI~ I'm Laura~
just find out that you have a LJ~
I really like all your work about YunJae~
please add me as you friend~ ^^
anyway, i already your friend in FB n Twitter~ my ID is GENGLAN~
nice to see you here~
Hi there~do you mind adding me?i wanna read all about YoonJae paradise here xD
will be adding you after im done typing this ;D
i guess i've commented & asked u to accept me as your friend before , but i don't know where?!!! 0__0 so , would you please accept me so i can read the last 2 parts of ur lovely story "loving without margins" ? i'm so dying to know what will happen... & i hope i can read ur other fics afterwards tooo
so pretty pleaseeeeee, can i be ur friend ?
I just wanna talk that I love YunJae and I wanna to know friend who love YunJae.
Call me Nana and i'm from Vietnam <3
i've send my request to be one of your friend here.. i hope you will aprove^^
Hello... I've made my request on your master list before saw this... so I redo the request than...

Can you add me back, I'd like to read your writing and I just found you while browsing through old Jaeho_detox archives :)

I'm Weema and my bias also YunJae...

And I hope you still visit your journal :)

Hi! please add me~! I LOVE YUNJAE!!!
hai..hai.. new shipper here... need your guide to the real heaven.. XDDDDD

i'm indri from indonesia.. nice to meet you...
I'm sorry if I avoid you with this u.u

But, the thing is that... I can't read your last post. I think its about the picture with Jae in Yunho's van.

I just want to know if is more like personal ^^

I love YunJae and I wanted to know your opinion about that picture :D
I am sorry too for my obsession. TT

I find it difficult to communicate in English, I do not know him much. I leave with little comment because of it.
But I love YunJae very long and hard, and I'm very disappointed too, when the last record was closed.
Please let me go back, I just want to hope that all is well with them. ТТ
i love yunjea
i wanna ready ur fanfics
i just remembered my password for my account YAY ME
ill leave comments
Oh, Am i on YunJae Heaven?
Oh, there are very interesting stories, comments just everything about our boys! I just really want to read every story and your fanfics! Can I? Help!!! YunJae forever! can I be on your friend list? *puppy eyes*
I used to subscribe to your yt channel, but I kinda lost track after its suspended :(
Yunjae is my OTP, they are the ones who introduce me into the world of yunjae fanfics, then HP fanfics, then original m/m fics, THEN yaoi because I'm desperate enough to find more lol
I've become an expert now xD

Okay, soo, this past three days I've been backtracking a thread in a certain kpop forum (maybe you know which one ^^) just to read their takes about Yunjae relationship. One of them mentioned your article or something, that made me go Ooohh~ Heavenswine~! So here I am ;D


thank you for befriending me :D
I don't know where to write this so I do it here ^_____^
Late to the game apparently.... Regardless, I have seen your work on youtube and have run across your various observations in different places. You, my friend, give me hope!! Please accept this request and hit the add button. Yunjae is real. ^.^

hello there...
today is the best day for you..
happy birthday...~~~
hope you always be happy~~~
and good luck to you for everything you do...
How old r u now??... 16 yo? :/
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