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Leave a comment to be added back.

Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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fangirl scream
I can add you to friends? I'm starting with Jaeho, and can only say that I love the couple!
The problem is that I don't know many people on LJ that like it, or at least know they...
And you like Drarry!! *-* and YOU LIKE YAOI

omg, marry me (?) xD

my names reina:D
i saw ur fanfic on youtube loving without margins
i honestly wanted to cry D:
please add me so i can read the fanfic:)
am donna. and ive known you since 6G.
also a yunJae shipper.
am used in reading fanfics with YunJae as the main characters.
and ive watched one of your spoiler in Yt, which is Loving wihout Margins.
i was really moved by that vid.
and my friend told me that you have LJ.
am not always using LJ..
Am here to ask yer permisssion to let me read Loving Without Margins.
i only had limited time to read fics.
after sembreak life would be boring.
i really really love YunJae like how you feel with them.

good day! ^^
thanks anyways.
Hi! I've watched some of your stuff on youtube before, and came across the trailer you did for Love Without Margins, so came here to snoop it out. I was wondering if you could add me so that I could read it (and some of your other works!) in full? I'd be really grateful - I'm totally engrosse in LWM so far! :D
hello heavenswine i really missed you dear. i always wait for your updates specially on youtube. you are my no 1 source for yunjae love. i noticed that you have some posts locked. i wish that you can add me so i can continue my yunjae addiction. keep up the good work.
heavenswine hwaiting!!!
yunjae hwaiting!!!
well dis is kinda l8 .. xori .. well first , i'm pauline ! i'm a c0llege stud ? (i d0n't know if you wnt to know dis) .. i'm a BIG yunjae lover .. as in .. wel i've been seeing your works alot at youtube and multiply .. so , in sh0rt , i would really love to read your works .. PLEASE ?! .. ^0^//
Mmm... I'm from Russia. I don't know much English, I can only read on it. But i love Yunho, and Jaejoong, and them together - many times more. And i don't know what else to say... maybe this enough?
I'm a YunJae fan
My friend gave me your 'Loving Without Margin',
I don't know where I can find your LJ coz I lost contact with that friend.

So, now I find it.
Can you add me?

I would like to read all your ffs!
Coz the one I read is sooo amazing.
Hi! I just found your fics today and I have to say:
I love your writing style, and the plots! I can always perfectly understand what is going on and enjoy it.
I've only read the first couple chapters of 'Loving Without Margins' and I already looooove it!
Thank you for writing these fics! I think I love you! xD Sorry if I'm coming on too strong xD
hihi i'm ting and fall in love with fanfics a few mths back..came across you at jaeho_detox and really wanna read your fics so i hope you dont mind me adding you and hope you'll add me back ^^
Hi! I'm Selena. Ive heard that you are a yunjae fan too ^_^ and that you write really good fanfics on this couple so id really like to read one of your stories. plz add me, thx!
Hi there..!! Please accept my friend request.. I read parts of your fic but I couldn't continue coz its F-locked..!! I super love the story..
i love ur lj..
n of course i love u fanmade...
*yunjae fanmade*

hey got to find you again (:

hope you can add me back!
Hello there~! ^^
i have just read your "loving without margins" at winglin and you've asked us to continue reading it at your lj. so i wonder if you would mind adding me as friend so that i can continue reading? ♥
i wish this would be the right place....

but yeah, i've read some of your fanfics and wow, you're really doing great job, i must say. yoonjae rules over the world! buahaha! ♥
i'm a yoonjae -fanboy from finland, and no, i haven't ever seen anything so cute as yunho and jaejoong together. aww ~
so, what i was going to say next... yeah, the biggest reason why i am there is just that... you love yoonjae, and so do I. i think you write the best YJ-fanfics in the world, and i would love to read more of them! ♥♥

so plz, add? ~♥

cuz yoonjae is love!
helloo there ^^
my name's laura
i've read ur fanfic! and i like it a lot xD
because I love yunjae so much
and I love yaoi too..^^
so please add me back..
thanks xDDD
I love your posts~

Please add?

I just know that you have livejournal yesterday. XD
Thank you for YunJae Clips on Youtube. I am not really a new fan but still new.
(I just jump to dbsk and yunjae fandom this year.)

I am always serious about the credit too. I don't like it when some people upload my fanvid on their channel without asking permission. (You know what...some even download it from youtube and change the title and upload it again on their channel without asking and giving any credit. - -) So, I won't and never take any one creativitity.
I love YunJae and i want to be friend with YunJae fan.

we have a YJ site in VietNam :)

Add me - Please...
I really love your stories, but some of the chapters I can't read...

Can you help me with that;) Keep up the good work:P

PS: If you have the time could you please read my fic's not about any celebrity couples, but as you are a very good writer, it would be soo great to hear your opinion on my story...

best wishes Kelly;)
hye bb~
i've been looking for your lj for sooooooo long!!!
i love ur work bb~
i've added u~
care to add me back~
btw, i'm Aina..
22, from Malaysia~

I'm Olga. =) And I'd love to read your fanfiction, "Loving Without Margins" in particular.
I promise not to take anything from your journal without asking)
Could you add me please?
I want to read your fanfics but I don't really have internet everywhere (since I use my iTouch for reading fanfics) I'll like to download them :O..

Loving Without Margins <-- That one you had put up before
with this video
The download link has died >:

I really would like to read it please :D

Thank you :D~
Hello, how are you? I'm Naomi.
As you see, I've already added you as a friend.
Well, I'm Yunjae fan too, and I saw your videos on youtube (and I love it xD)
Also I really love to read fanfics (Yunjae, Yoosu...) so I would like to be friends with you and know more about them.
So will you add me back? *puppy eyes*
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