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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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Hi, Im itzel i wanted to add you as a friend to be able to read the Loving Without Margins fanflic :D. please befriend me. Thank you!
i watched your youtube;
i just wanna be friend wif u;
n read all ur fanfic;
hope u won't mind;
Well... I am a HUGE yunjae fan. It was because of your videos that I came to realize how REAL they truly are. Yunjae is not just a cute idol band couple for show, I really beleive that they are the real deal. Weather they admitted it to each other or not... but it's there. We can all see it in their eyes xD

hehe well my name is Monica, and as well as a yunjae fan I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE dbsk fan. I love them SOOOOO much!! And my favorite is Jaejoongie~

I really am interested to see all your post on yunjae... considering what all his going on with dbsk now, I need something to lift me up... and yunjae seems to do the trick.

Hi, could you add me as your friend so that i can read those wonderful fanfic that you have written? Thanks
Hi^^ I'm a big yunjae fan for about 11 months now, i'm 18 and i'm french!
I just discovered your LJ today, but i've already watched all your vids, and i really loved it!
I read a lot of fanfics and i want to read yours, can you friend me please?
I would like to read your stories, 'cause you write so well and your stories sound very interesting :) so please could you add me, please? I love yunjae and loving without margins is one of the best fanfic that i know, so it would be nice if i got to read it completely <3

I'm a long time fan of your YouTube vids (I'm user: lizardog) and I'd like to be friends. I believe in Yunjae with all my heart. My friend Holly and I revel in what we call "the Tohoshinki-ness" whenever we have a chance to get together and watch and listen to DBSK. All of the members are super-talented and beautiful, but Yunho and his Jaejoong make my heart bounce. We have an lj called Yunjae Candy, just a little place for us to celebrate our obsession. :)

PS: I'm listening to Begin as I type this and their voices are just so beautiful that I feel like I'm on a fluffy cloud going wherever the sweet breeze blows me.

please add me up?
love your vid since forever
wow i dont know you have a fic too!~~
add me back? ♥

I follow you on youtube hahhahaa :) so I was pleasantly surprised when I found your lj! /glomps/ We found each other cause we love yunjae! *-*

pleaseee? I'm nice :3
hey! i dont really know what to say hahah but here goes: My name is chelsea..anddd uhmm I would really love to read your fiction! (i promise to leave you feedback) i heart alot of good things about that one super long fanfic you have (i forgot the name >w< please forgive me hahahaa but, i would really love to read it. if you still dont want to add me, its okay, i will understand! :]
thanks so much~
hi Heavens Wine^^,my name's Louis and i want to make friend with you,is that ok^^ ? My friend told me that you are a big fan of YoonJae and i like them too,i hope we will become friend,thank you!
p.s:I do like your fan-made video about YoonJae,they are great.thank you again!
Hey there. I found your LJ through YouTube..i'm one of your suscribers..your YunJae vids make me so happy.
YunJae is alive and real...though it may be silent or not as obvious i would like it..hahahha

I added you as a friend a while back..only now i'm active on i've only come across your

ummm...a very brief intro bout me: i'm a uni student who's a fan of DBSK and i love YunJae..hahaha...and they live happily ever after in my mind. teehee ^_^
Hello *bows*
Annyeong Heavenswine.. i'm 21 y.o ^^...
Ooo maiii gaaawddd!! I love YunJae n YukixShuichi, too!! i love your video.. i want to read your fics... and I want to be your friend. Can you add me back, please? pretty please? *puppy eyes*... Thank you, dear XDXDXD
hello, i'm a yunjae fan and ive also seen you clips on youtube. i want to befriend with u and view your page properly.
awww, please add me ? (:
I would like to read your LJ & ffiction and when RL and uni gives me a break, ramble about Yunjae together :3 kkk
friend me? ;D <3~
Can you pwetty pwease add me back?? I've alway loved all your stuff on youtube and now I know you have a livejournal. I'm soo happy!(>.<) You are such a dedicated yunjae fan!^^
I can't seem to pm you so I leave a comment here xD

Hi ^^ nice too mee you, I'm AJ!
I'm a fan of your YunJae vids on youtube and I was seriously upset when your channel was suspended TT^TT The vid I love the most is "YunJae touch touch" and I've watched it for many many times, but now it's gone :(

Can I ask you for a big favor please ?!? Do you have any other channel and can you please re-upload that vid ?!? If you don't plan to re-upload it, can you give me a download link please ? I promise I just save it for my personal collection and I won't upload it anywhere else! I'm pleading you here, pretty please *puppy eyes*
Hi there! I'm also a YunJae shipper and I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind :]
*^*~ I LOVE your videos on youtube 8D! And I just found out that you have a livejournal! O-O! I am also interested in some of your fics :3~ friends please? 8D!
mm, hello HeavensWine!
i've just finished reading LWM on winglin. and i really LOVE that story. every chapter make me even drown to YunJae world!
i hope you'll add me back, so i can read all of your story, freely? :)
I'm just a curious wandering soul and i came across you.
I go by the name au and am from canada
just another tvxq fanatic and a yunjae and yoosu lover.
i know how it can be a nuisance when people don't comment.
i'll try very very hard to comment on any fic of yours i read
i just apologize in advance if my commenting may become a nuisance in any way.
can you please grant me permission to your fics? :)
i just so love ur vid TT TT
YT is gay for deleting your account so I'm stalking you here now ..could you add me?
Hi! I'm Dora and I'm a MAJOR yunjae addict =P

I was linked to your LJ by a friend and I'm really interested in reading some of your "evidence" and fics. Please add me back?
baby, when will u b back n rock our world wif uR lovely fic? i miss reading "The Lost Note"... i know it's must be hard since dbsk is rumored to be postponing their group activities till further notice; i'm lack wif inspiration too ever since d lawsuit begin n now d rumors *sighs* n studies, wats NOT... but i hope i'll read more from u soon ^3^
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