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[Update] YunHo & JaeJoong are good friends with all out gay Hong Seok Chun

:: RECAP ::

"I have talked to the very famous couple you guys have always been talking about..."
"...but I am someone who keeps a secret. Thus, I would not reveal the names."
- HongSeokChun

"The friend I was with..."
- JeongYoonHo

"It was only Yoonho and I who stayed at the restaurant (HongSeokChun's Restaurant)."
"We were only eating steak!"

- KimJaeJoong

06/01/2011 UPDATE



We all know that JYJ's @mjjeje (not Junsu/Yoochun) is following him...
Looks like he posted this picture for a certain someone. :D

YunJae ANTIS/Non-believer stay out, this is not good for your heart. I'm concerned for you, see?
Because if someone tells me this is all coincidence...

JYJ’s Jaejoong and out gay comedian Hong Suk Chun have revealed their close friendship.

Hong posted on his Twitter, “Today is Jaejoong’s birthday. It was good seeing my younger brothers at his birthday party since it’s been awhile, but I lost at soccer. I congratulate the players who did well. I also want to congratulate Jaejoong for his birthday.”

He also added, “Are you all surprised I went to Jaejoong’s party? Jaejoong’s hometown is Gongju, and my hometown is Chungyang, which is right next to it. Jaejoong has always been a good younger brother and respectful entertainer. Sometimes he would even come to Itaewon to eat with me, so I was always grateful to him. I was in Bangkok when I received the text message invite, and I went directly to Korea. I was the oldest person there so I made sure to leave quickly.”

Fans were worried that Jaejoong would drink too much, especially since he had a live performance the next day. However, Hong told them not to worry, “Because of his live performance, he’s only drinking a little. Also, he’s busy taking care of all the friends around him.”

If you can just recall this....
JAEHO HINTS..."Coming Out" show of Hong Sok Chun

Hong Suk Chun owns 3 successful and popular restaurants.

1. ``When I first saw the synopsis of the program, I thought it was crazy. There are people around me who once thought of coming out, but there were always problems with family and work. This program is not just coming out to your friends or family, but to all of Korean society,''

2. Choi Seung-jun, the producer, said that his perspective toward the gay community changed as he worked on the program.

``Five percent of Korea's population is considered homosexual, but who knows if the number is higher? These are people who are living with us right now and the suffering they go through is unimaginable,'' Choi said.

He added that he wanted the audience to try and understand the homosexual community for a more ``healthy society.'' Perhaps it was because Hong had a rather difficult life after his announcement, being shunned by producers and friends and even the public.

3. During the 'Coming out' press conference, Hong was asked if he had "talk to any gays in the entertainment field?"

He replied calmly, "I have talked to the very famous couple you guys have always been talking about."
( Check this? ALL KOREANS KNOW ABOUT YUNJAE by [info]tsumiya  )

Everyone was shocked by what he said. The rumours of some gays celebrities in the entertainment field is only left to be confirmed. However, Hong said that he is someone who keeps secret. Thus, he would not reveal the names.

Quoted from the Press Conference for "Coming Out" show.

YunJae Going to Hong Suk Chun's Restaurant CUT from Happy Together

Yes, that night, and there were pictures of the fancy dining they had...with the candles and all that.
If someone have the picture, just post it up. I can't find it because it's somewhere around the thousands of unorganized yunjae pics in my hard drive.
Found the pic, thanks to Jeslin, @yunmoon in twitter.

Thank you to Muniera Cassiopeia on FB
for linking me to AllKpopNews! ^^ ♥
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