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YUNJAE, YUNHO and CHANGMIN of TVXQ = A JYJ "Sensitive Topic"

YunJae YUNHO and CHANGMIN of TVXQ = A "Sensitive Topic" to JaeJoong (Yoochun and Junsu)?

I'll just copy paste my thoughts on this matter because I feel so lazy to rearrange my words now when I basically just want to say the same thing.

I was watching this "Shy boy, JJ when Cass shouted 'Yunho'!!" video and I saw lots of arguments, negative comments and hate words directed to YunJae shippers. Plus, the word sensitive has been used a lot.

Then I guess this might be one of the reason/source:

JYJ Fan: I know MANY fans wanna know this one. Did they mention Yunho or Changmin??
Shane Yoon:  Sorry, they didn’t mention them at all to me.  To my understanding the whole situation was a little sensitive to them, so I didn’t bother bringing it up.  It seems like an unfortunate thing and I hope there is some resolve, at least for the sake of their friendships.

But I think...

(1) Shane Yoon mentioning Yunho and Changmin to Jaejoong.
(2) Fans chanting Yunho's name or YunJae to Jaejoong.

...are two different/incomaparable things. The purpose of (1) is too seek information, expect for an answer. It's like saying, "How are you and Yunho doing now?" And (2) is more like sending regards; does NOT seek information; does NOT expect a reply. It's more like cheering somebody; almost the same as, "I still support you guys!" Correct? This is why Shane mentioning Yunho or Changmin to Jaejoong would not be necessary, because then Jaejoong would have to reply, give an awkward reply or talk about the whole lawsuit thing, it's cause and effect. That is what opening a "sensitive" topic means... But simply letting him know we still support TVXQ5 and YunJae by cheering "YunJae" or Yunho's name doesn't mean Jae would have to open a sensitive issue, give an explanation, answer, confirmation, rejection or whatsoever. He doesn't need to reply, "
Haha! But as you all know, I'm straight so I'm not attracted to guys." or "I'm not gay...but I'm not straight either, that's why I've been attracted to Yunho for Nine straight years." Right? It should be okay, just letting him feel that we still support them.

Also because of this, I've learned to determine what a certain fan thinks about yunjae's relationship now. Sadly, we, YunJae fans, are now all divided into (A) fans who believe yunjae was real but have broken up and not in contact with each other anymore and (B) fans who believe they are real and are still secretly meeting up and contacting each other.

Try to click on the video above and read the comments. "YunJae fans should stop doing this... Yunho's name is SENSITIVE to JaeJoong's ears... JaeJoong feels sad about this..." are example of comments by (A) fans. But for the (B) fans who believe they are still close and secretly contacting each other and meeting up to pass those couple/same clothes, accessories, shoes, etc, I'm sorry because we can't understand how yunho's name can be so much of a sensitive word to JaeJoong. ♥ ...because we believe and will forever believe that yunjae is still there somewhere...alive!

Even Jaejoong's sister is happily and openly showing her support on YunJae...
Why support something his brother feels uneasy, upset, uncomfortable about?

YunJae is, was and will always be real.
Right, Yoochunnie???

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