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Heaven's Wine

~You know I'd fight for you but how could I fight someone who isn't even there.~

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[name] Key
[kor name] Choi Eunha
[syn2,] HeavensWine, HeavensWinee, HeavensWingXD

Definition (by my soulmate):

Five feet and an inch of nothing but a pleasing combination of beauty and brains, she is a young maiden of prodigious talents and outstanding potentials. But despite her age, she is a kid at heart, who shows weakness in front of cute dogs, who smiles at the sight of ice cream and chocolate, and who easily trusts the people around her. Her actions illustrates her personality - very easy going. She has incredible concentration if she sets her mind into something, but shows a hint of carelessness at times. She is very smart but remains down to earth. Unintentionally, she does things that makes people happy/laugh. It's not hard to love her. She's sincere, kind, trust worthy and returns fully what's given to her.

Key? She's not the best in anything but she sure could do lots of things. Studying, reading and memorizing aren't her type but she does good in analyzing, solving and cramming. Browsing of notes early in the morning is her preference over late night review. But despite having a bad study habit, she managed to do good academically especially in math subjects. Another great thing about this girl is her ability to create beautiful things with her hands. Art has been his hobby and interest which surely inspired and helped some of her friends. Physical Activities are also given importance by this girl. Since the grade of 4, she has been training a sport named Volleyball and has been a part of her school's varsity team on her elementary and high school. A little more than the way she loves volleyball comes her passion for singing and dancing. She started singing and dancing when she was 7 years old with the influence of her only sister then started training and practicing by herself. Joining competition has also been her thing since Korean Pop entered her life. She used her talent to win varieties of contests such as Dance Contest, Cosplay, Fanfiction writing and Video making. Cosplay, Fanfiction writing and Video making. All this with God's blessing, of course. Key is one of a kind and known for her drive to improvement, the master of creativity and knowledge.

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Just want to advertise the community I made for SHINee's JongHyunxKey Couple...
I think that they really do make a cute couple. Although, the relationship, they have,
I can say, might not be like the one YunJae have, I still feel that there's something
more between JongHyun and Key. So if you like that couple too or if you want to know
more of them, I hope you can join the community we made and post and spazz there.

Thank You <3


YM: key.2everything@yahoo.com