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Sep. 15th, 2018

yunjae black

General Information!

Leave a comment to be added back.

Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Sep. 10th, 2011

yunjae black


hflakjsdhflkajs!!! Okay. I don't even know where to start.

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>.< Don't worry, I also can't believe I asked him that.

Jun. 1st, 2011

yunjae black

[Update] YunHo & JaeJoong are good friends with all out gay Hong Seok Chun

:: RECAP ::

"I have talked to the very famous couple you guys have always been talking about..."
"...but I am someone who keeps a secret. Thus, I would not reveal the names."
- HongSeokChun

"The friend I was with..."
- JeongYoonHo

"It was only Yoonho and I who stayed at the restaurant (HongSeokChun's Restaurant)."
"We were only eating steak!"

- KimJaeJoong

06/01/2011 UPDATE
You gotta be kidding me.Collapse )


We all know that JYJ's @mjjeje (not Junsu/Yoochun) is following him...
Looks like he posted this picture for a certain someone. :D

YunJae ANTIS/Non-believer stay out, this is not good for your heart. I'm concerned for you, see?
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Mar. 26th, 2011

yunjae black

YUNJAE, YUNHO and CHANGMIN of TVXQ = A JYJ "Sensitive Topic"

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Even Jaejoong's sister is happily and openly showing her support on YunJae...
Why support something his brother feels uneasy, upset, uncomfortable about?

YunJae is, was and will always be real.
Right, Yoochunnie???

Feb. 12th, 2011

yunjae black

Maximum & Keep Your Head Down @ KorPhil Cultural Exchange

Please support us by liking our FB page above ^

Maximum + Keep Your Head Down

Read more...XCrew @ Korean News PaperCollapse )
yunjae black

[Trans] JYJ Interview @ MBN

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LOL. It would be big if Junsu really meant, "As a gay, there's this one song that JaeJoong Hyung composed...."

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credit: inhye67

Feb. 9th, 2011

yunjae black

YunJae Update :: Couple Stuff & "I love you Jaejoong"

credit on pic

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I'm sorry it's not really couple stuff...It's the same stuff...
Maybe they both have the same shoes.
Maybe they are sharing the same shoes. :">
Or maybe it's just another one of their many coincidence...

Okay. Nuff said. I love the fans xD
The yunho picture is from strong heart, I believe.
Pretty recent.

No way they aren't seeing each other...
They are such a couple... ^^

Jaejoong????? 0_oCollapse )

Nvrmind, just think about the shoes...the shoes....the shoes... :D

and maybe this....
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I love you JaeJoong

Feb. 5th, 2011

yunjae black

To birthday boy, Jung Yunho. From lover boy, Kim Jae Joong ♥

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Edit: Some fans claimed to have seen the tweet and said that @mjjeje deleted his tweet minutes after.
Then he changed his twitter profile picture...
making more fans believe that he is really online.

I was 30 minutes late for the #UKnowTime tweet issue...So I don't know if it's real or not since I didn't see anything.
But I did see him change his profile pic from this  to this  then back to this .
...which means JJ really is online...

Some reactions by fans about the seen twit are as follow...

Witnesses...Collapse )

Edit Again:

This is preview of Korean Twitter

credit: jaekyu263

Jan. 30th, 2011

yunjae black

[random] Why am I upset? Think.

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Jan. 14th, 2011

yunjae black

Yunho - JJ resemblance - Changmin

I think I'm starting to have eye problems. This is bad.

When I saw the pic.... I thought.... Jae Joong's son?! 0_o?!
Maybe it's just the low quality picture... But I don't know...
That can explain Yunho's hand on his shoulder... ^_____^

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I'm sorry but who is he???

Okay, thank you to first 4 comment by thetaintedblade ,jejun , kakaichi  and areyouwet .
I know him now.
I also know now why he can't take his eyes of Yunho....

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Jung Yunho is a hit to Pretty boys!
Luckily, Kim Jae Joong is a pretty boy.

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