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Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Boys don't always meet girls.
It's a different world now!

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"In the world, you must be just someone. But to someone, you must be the world.
You may not know it but you might be the first one to bring new meaning to the word delicious."


Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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U are alive!!!! hahah happy to hear from uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! And back with sweet pics too!! Thank u dear!!! I noticed u got suspended AGAIn on YT!!! T___T So how are ur plans dear? Are u making Heavensie4 now??? Oh my..i can got imagine how much that sucks...all the hard work... Keep on hwaiting my dear!!!!!!^^
:D *sigh* There might be a 4... but not yet this time..
because I can't make videos yet because my laptop's LCD
is ruined. :( So I'll make a 4 when I'm ready to upload
new videos again. :D *I don't even know what vid got me
suspended* Hwaiting!!! *kiss*
YEAH. Yunjae is HEAVEN. wihihihihi. :)
random. hmm, youtube deletes lots of stuff right now, even users.
LOVEEEEE the picture, you saved my soul, mood and ME! ♥


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

Wellcome back dear! Thanks for the pics by the way I loved them (^^)
oh..nericia.. hello :)
hahaha :)) i miss you. :D
ah miss you dearly sweetheart... hope u r not so busy with school... ^^

btw love ur latest Yunjae's pix... actually love yunjae's very damn moment ^^
oh... i'm not so busy with school.. just can't go online
all the time because my laptop's lcd is.. :) broken..
hahaha.. so i still have to earn money.. :)hehehe..
and i so miss you too.. :*
I just wanted to say..

you watched it too?
it's really good..
i heard pchy's gay for real..
:) hahah..
^__^ *big smile* Thank you, really thank you for your surprise reply... i really didnot expect that... Thank you, for your lovely surprise...

And thank you, for these pics... they r sooo sweet...

Ah, I heard abt your YTB account T__T... all i could say that, plz hwaiting... fighto... fighto...

I know you have to study at this time... wish you all the best, then...

Waiting for your come back~~
hahaha :)) i so love your icon :)
heehe.. yeah.. got suspended again..
tsk.. i will be back there...
how many accounts will i have..
*Sigh* hahah :))

u dont know how much im badly missing u honey~ hee~ i know^^ its ok~ ur back on ur studies right~ hehe xD ur a good girl hehe xP awww~ will wait for more yunjae vids and fics from u dear.... heee~ unnie supports u in every way~ hwaiting^^ unnie needs to get back studying for exams
hello :( hahaha... yeah.. i'm usually active
during sem breaks :)) and now, my laptop's lcd
is broken too.. so i'm just borrowing laptop
from my sister :) hehehe.. but i really miss
you too.. love love you..
Hey yo~ How have you been? Glad to see ya around again..abt the internet and laptop suck thing, *pats* Hope they will be better for you soon ^^b
School, JaeHo hwaiting~ ;)
yeah!!! they truly do.. but i can still
use the net :) i hope my laptop will be well soon. :))
*miss you*


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

SWEETY!. i heard about your account suspension :( makes me sad and want to kill youtube >D and glad to hear from you- you're really alive :D i miss you, your videos, and your fics D:. Hope you fix your computer soon- unless you want me to sneak in a box and fix it up real good for you :D LOL;
oh.. hahahah :)) you can do that :)
hehehe... my mother's giving me a new laptop
because i'm graduating high school.. so I hope
I can use it right away. :) :* hwaiting.. miss
you!!! so!!! :D
Oh my gosh!!!...i cant believe my eyes when I saw that you made a post!!!!....YEAH!!!!...*jumps up and down*...I am soooooooo happy and beyond thrilled that you are still alive and kicking....for a moment, I thought that you gave up....*sad face*....and i was seriously thinking that you were ignoring me and my messages to you....but now you are forgiven because you gave me hope again!!!....

awwww..stupid youtube...I was seriously in a depressed mood when i found out you got can they suspend the Queen of Yunjae love????....but i hope that soon you will have another heavenswine4....hehehehe...I fnd it funny that you don't know wich videos got you least, youtube should have give you a courtsey on telling you which video, right??....ohhhh, and don't foget you still owe us one more fiction, "the lost note"....i hope that you are doing well with that story....because i just can't wait to see what you have in store for Yunjae....and please do make more yummy awesome yunjae story besides "the lost note"....

awwww man, your laptop lcd is broken....*sad face* wonder you didn't make any post or upload videos....I hope that you will get that fix we can see you because I sorely miss you lots....but the problem is money, ne?....i am sure that there will be a way...

anyways, i hope that you were doing well during your started already for you???...sooooo, that means focus more on school than our lovely couple yunjae ne?'s okay since school is very study hard and do well..but do stop by and say hi to let me and us readers know that you are still here with us....

but oh my gosh!!!! heart almost stopped when i received an email informing me of your comment to my have no idea how thrilled i was and shocked....i can't belive that the Queen of Yunjae read my oneshot!!!!.*fangirl scream*....thank you so much for made me feel so bless and love....i thought you wouldn't notice or something....but i am in immmense joy that you did read and made such a beautiful comment...thank you!!!!...lots of love to you from me!!!!..*blow kisses*..

hehehehe..sorry about the looong comment....this is just to make up for your loooonnnnnggggg absence.....i really miss you!!!! i hope that next time we won't have a long wait for your next post.....

lots of enternal love,
i can't believe i posted as well :))..
oh.. i won't give up.. swear.. just lose hope.. :(
joke.. hahaha... they are real.. i'm happy enough to
know that :)) you have messages to me? really where?
i havent check my mail :) hahah :))

about the lost note.. the copy, hopefully, is still
with me. :)) hahah.. i and my friends are planning on
a jaheo fic but i told them that i should finish the
lost note first :) hahha :))

oh.. my mother said that my birthday present will be
a new laptop since i'm graduating anyway.. hahah :))
yey! then maybe i can make an account already.. and
finish the lost note too.. :)

are you okay? if it's your fic, i'll read it. i'll read
it... hahha.. and it is soooooo good!!!!! waahhh... i
hope you can continue on it too.. i'd like to see yunho
trying to get jae back :)) hahah..

i really miss you too.. love you..
i miss you!~*hugs*
awww... i miss you too.. happy we didn't forget each other..
When I saw you uploaded new gave me a smile. How much I miss you...I'm sorry to hear that your laptop having problem & what a relief to hear that my lovely sister is fine. Actually I saw a message........that message remind me to open my LJ. It has been 5 weeks since my last visit. I change my pic too..well I can't get rid of my "hubby" Tomohisa. You know I love him as much I love you dear.

Youtube giving so much of trouble sometimes. It could be from your last uploaded of YunJae during their SMTown concerts or maybe from other videos too. I love those pics/videos from YunJae. Keeps make me smiling each & everyday.

Caye-chan, take care of yourself. I have something for you....

Love you so much as YunJae want us to love them.




I can compete with Tomohisa.. :)) I LOVE YOU!!! :((
waahhh...I don't know when my last visit was too...
And again I can't access mails... It's too slow...
Hahaha.. When I received new laptop, I'll make vids
and create new account.. :D hehehe.. I'm also self
studying about piano.. I'm learning in youtube.. their
are lots of useful tutorials in there :) heheh..
When we meet one day, I'll play a song for you.. heheh..
kis kis kis.. :) *winks*

YOUTUBE!!! uhrrggg!! hahahha...



9 years ago


9 years ago

hey! I cant seem to find out how to send u a msg, so im gonna post it here. Happy Birthday! ^_^ thanks for all the yunjae/jaeho things you've been posting, I really am grateful. <3
thank you for greeting me.. i only checked my lj today.. :D
hehehe.. thank's my happiness to see yunjae... :)
awww.. i hope the world could accept them someday.. hahah :))
i believe yunjae is real! :) *kiss*
AH you're back *Dies* XD i miss your videos terribly..they were my dosage of Yunjae every week but stupid stupid YT...i dont get why they're so lame -.-

Mm but i saw that you have a veoh you post there anymore? o.o i need your vids ;__; but im glad to just see a post from you on LJ =D I know studying is hard (aish i just started college and it's a pain) so hwaiting to you! <3

LOL to the pics...when i clicked to see your LJ again i saw a new pic and went OOOOHHHH then i saw the texts underneath the pic and went OH (i feel so dumb XD) that you got it to change hehe
helllo.. :) oh.. i'm so sorry i got suspended..
i don't even know which vid got me down.. :(
youtube is not sending e-mails anymore... they just
suspend you all of a sudden.. :(i'll be creating a
new account don't worry.. i love you.. thank you
for caring :)... hehehe... *kiss*
Hey (:
I never did say thanks for accepting the friend request did I?
Hahahaa thank you (:
I love your fanfics btw! The superlong Yunjae one (kill me, I can't remember the name) had me in tears when Jae actually died (omg slap wood).
And this picture totally revived the Yunjae Love =P I miss Jae's hair longer.. now it's like so short ):
Glad to see you're still here and fangirling! I'll keep watching your lj <3
oh... maybe i should be the one to say thank you.. :D
thanks for adding me.. :Di miss jae's long hair too..
and black hair... his hair during dangerous love..
it's soo nice!!! :)