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Leave a comment to be added back.

Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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Can i add you as a friend???

I'm just new to Yunjae!

Like today its just my 11th day? LOL

I really love it that you are so in love with the yunjae couple! I really need more people who can sympathize with me u know! LOL :p

I keep getting suspicious, saying perhaps its just my imagination, or too much yaoi going on in my head, but whenever i read your stuff, it just adds more to my reasoning why i believe they're real in the first place! ^___^

I would love to be friends with u, thru LJ or anything! Pls educate me to the Yunjae Way!!! LOL


Much love,
hi our yunjae video maker... I've watch a lot (all?) of your yunjae clips...
but i didn't know that you write stories too. just an hour ago my friend sent me an (your) story...

and i want to read them all. so please kindly add me back...

and i am (s)sarena also a writer... but prefer to read...
Hiya :D
Was wondering if you could add me as well as I'm quite curious about your written stuff XD
I read 2 of your un-locked posts that pretty much summed up different Yunjae moments during the entire year of 2007, so I'm basically wondering if you have more of those as well as I'm interested in reading some of your fics ^^, Thanks beforehand hun! :D
names jenny,19 love yunjae so much!!just got to know them,and i keep hearing and seeing that ur a yunjae ninja!!!~~lolXd ♥♥♥ i would love to be ur buddy,and read ur fanfics and ask questions of yunjae and share some picture with u of yujae if u dont already have it
~~`yaya~~~~~XD YUNJAE♥♥♥,ALSO LIKE 2HJ,AND AKAME!!!;3
Today I found your LJ, I was surfing on internet searching yunjae pictures and I don't know how but I arrived to your blog, I could read some of the things you've done and I think you're awesome because of all that; so I decided to add you as my friend here and I hope you don't mind it and if opportunity comes, we could be real friends.

Have a nice day! ^o^

Ps. My English isn't good as I would like it to be T-T
Hello, my name is Linh, from Vietnam. I'm a huge fan of Yunjae and recently, a new love for Akame :D

I've read your fic, Loving Without Margin since, like 2 years ago, through a translation in Vietnamese, but I haven't got the chance to comment yet. That one was truly beautiful that I know I have to read your other fic as well. So would you please add me so I can access to your works? I will really appreciate it!

I'm a YUNJAE SHIPPER they are my own world. . . every time isee them

I feel dizzy . . cause there love is amazing acutely there is no words

can describe it ..i'm speechless now . . AHH & u my darling ur awesome

love all ur work u always keep amazing me love u for that *___^

I added u as afriend hope u can add me back soon so i can keep up with ur

Good work & i can read all ur lovely fic.

Keep on the good work . .Hwaiting!!^^


Hi heavenswine!!! I always love you! You're one of the best yunjae shipper~ I want to be your friend pwease? *puppy eyes* And also I have a question what do you use to make your yunjae videos with? I want to make a 2min fanvideo evidence cause theres not a lot... and I want to spread their love T-T Thanks heavenswine~!
Hi dear!

I added you :D
accept me?

- English isn't my first language, so i can't write much. T___T
hello there!
I found one of ur fics
by accident LOL
but I got so
curious I came here
to stalk xD
I'm a Kpop fan
from Mexico~
Please add me girl! [¿?]
Hi,there ^_____^

It's me again . . . sadly u didn't addede me yet! ! T______T

I love all ur vid & I wish u add me soon so I can read all ur fics there titel

Looks interesting . . . Mmm I can't wait I wana read all YUNJAE FIC *sigh*

I felt happy when I saw ur YT channel It's already in my fav.XD

Thanku for sharing *thumpsup*

P.S/ I'm already added u (^___*)
hello..i have known you ever since i started my fandom last 2008 of yunjae
because you were the reason why i am a yunjae..err...JaeHo lover.. it was because of your vids that i fell in love with them...i hope you add me back.. i really want you to be a friend not only because we share the same OTPs but because i really wanna know more about you...
Hi my name is Anny from Thailand. I got few of ur video from my friend and I love them!! so I looking for you on internet and I've found you.

Can you add me back I think I'll be fan of you haha

Hello:)) I really wanted to read your fanfic.Loving Without Margins and wanted to download it but the link was broken. so i decided to read it online but you are f-locked.. so i wanted to add you.. also I have been watching your Yunjae vids in Youtube.. and i really love them xD

btw, im from the Philippines too :)) Hope you would add me^^
Hey ^^ You might not remember me.
I always watched all of your videos and read your analyses and all. I'm still in love with YunJae but it's so hard now that they're apart. DBSK at least. There are no words to describe how much I miss them.

I hope you'll read this, because this post is not exactly recent, and that you're still on LJ sometimes.

I've come to say hi, long time no see. And I was wondering; do you remember this video, like backstage footage, where JJ was practising Maze and he was kind of walking around and singing and Yunho was singing and walking with him?
Hope to hear from you!