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Leave a comment to be added back.

Please introduce yourself and give the reason why you added me as friend.
I don't usually choose friends but I also don't want lurkers anymore.
People taking out my posts without credits, I've experienced a lot of it.
People reading my fanfics without leaving comments... Aish...
I know authors can understand how I feel.
I don't think it's hard for a reader to share his/her thoughts through a comment.
Reading feedback makes authors very happy.
Thanks for understanding.

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Tags: jaeho, jaejoong, tvxq, yoonjae, yunho, yunjae
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Hi!~ Someone recommended me on of your fics but I can't read it because it's private... so do you think that you could add me as a friends? I'd love to be able to read your fic!~

Thank you!~

p.s. promise to leave lots of comments to your fic if you add me :P
hi..... i've been watching ur yunjae vids in utube for quite some time.... so i think i want to add more of my yunjae addiction.... by reading....
so hope u can add me...

i'm dayl from malaysia.....
Helloww! ^^
I've read ur fanfic " Loving without margins " with my other account, but then I made a new one, cuz I think the other account was a total failure...
& now I want to read ur other fanfics, so I'll add as a friend, please add me back! :]
Im so addicted with Yunjae rite now xD Theyre so real~ ^^
Btw im Kimberley, but you can call me Kim :]
Tsk didn't know you post fanfics or anything. I just found you through a YouTube video xD But I'll read your fanfics because I like yaoi~ I'll be sure to leave comments (I know the feeling... it's kinda rude when people read but don't comment)
Hey, wow, I saw the videos u posted on Youtube. Awesome. I love Yunjae!!!!!
Hi, i seriously have been addicted to ur youtube videos, and was pleasantly surprised to see that you had a livejournal. I love yunjae they are sooooo real, its just fact. And i hope you can add me cause i would love to be able to read more of ur thoughts about them, cause you have a very good eye for spotting yunjae. Also, i see u like loveless and gravitation, omg they were the start well gravi was of my bl love, yuki is just toooo much of a damn good seme.

Anyway i hope you will accept me :)! (i also love a good fanfic so would love to be able to read and comment yours XD)
Uhm... *actually I don't know what to say*
I just read your fic love without margins. A friend of mine translated it into Vietnamese *I think she got the permission already... Believe me, if I had known it before her I would have translated it right away* It's cute ^^
You are an awesome author, believe me *you should start with a new fic soon, hehe*
I'm Shin, 18,I'm not a lurker :">
I'm really lazy, but I will comment on your fic, promise :">
I added you as a friend... is that okay? :">
add me please??
hi! i've admired ur work ever since i started fangoing over yunjae. i just found ur Livejournal recently and decided to add you as a friend. i LOVEE yunjae pairing and i support them from behind! xD

i wont not credit if i take out ur post, u can reassured that. :) well i do hope u can add me back

arastal i watched one of ur fanvids on youtube...'the lost note' and i really want to read it! i hope u'll add me as a friend..and..uh..oh jessica! ^^
I'm just starting to be addicted to DBSK and is searching some vids in youtube when i saw this vid named "loving without margins."
Honestly, i'm not a user of lj because i don't know the how's and do's in this online website. But when i saw your story i want to see and meet alot of fans here. I might be slow in progressing here but hey, this can be a start! ^^

I wanna read the story but as i looked at the other posts it is unauthorized.

*bows head*onegai.. please accept me as your friend and be one of your fans in your talent in writing.

Oopss.. i forgot to introduce myself. ^_^
I'm Lovely from Philippines. ^^
Hi there! My name is Ryuuichi. I saw your work on Winglin and I absolutely loved it! I've read most of Loving Without Margins and I'd really like to read the rest of your story. You're a really great writer and I hope I get the chance to read more of your amazing stuff. If not, keep up the good work anyways. I know lots of people appreciate the stuff you write.
i have add you because of your Fanfictions.
and i have add you by youtube too.
This is my first time reading your posted fan fic. I've only become YunJae's fan for the last couple months and everything is still new to me ^^. I'd be very glad to be able to access to and read your fic because my friend recommends they are one of the best YunJae's fic out there.

Yay. I'm looking forward to your adding.

P/s: I won't be taking your fic out withour crediting, I am an author myself too =)

Hwaiting !!!
Hey! 've added you. Add back? 8D