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hflakjsdhflkajs!!! Okay. I don't even know where to start.

Initially, I went out HOPING TO BUMP into Yunho and Changmin somewhere in 5th ave. I really want to see Changmin because I already saw Yunho in Lacoste yesterday. And I know I couldn't make it to tomorrow's (110910) Lacoste Fashion Show event. It was like my final chance to see them. So I brought a TVXQ5 photobook, TVXQ album and the YunJae photo signed by JaeJoong thinking that I could ask them for a signature in case I see them. So at 6pm I left the house after work, and went to Lacoste at 5th Ave and waited somewhere in the corner. I keep praying they'd somewhow show up and take a picture. I kept finding my camera and realized I forgot to take it off our dining table because I was late for work that morning. I was too upset knowing that all I could rely on was my HTC phone with 2 bars battery span. What's even more heartbreaking is that I needed to use my phone to keep refreshing some sites that updates about tvxq and where they are (especially AKPF ~ thank you! Please follow them @ And I also used it to text my friends for updates or something. I felt like some private inverstigator waiting and watching intently in a corner outside the lacoste store. Haha. Anyway, I waited and waited for like 2 and a half hour but nothing interesting. Phone is begging me to shut her down soon. :( Thinking they wouldn't come, I decided to go to Lincoln Center. Maybe they were having some meeting with all models or something. Should I say it but I was silently watching this anon kpop site (I think some of you knows this) and there's a comment thread talking about somebody spotteed Yunho in timesquare. I think I walked up to 8th ave 57th street (about 20 minutes) but after reading those comments, I quickly took a U turn to go timesquare. My mood was sooooo horrible I don't know where in timesquare they are. I wanna ask where or call somebody but my phone died on the spot. I was even more frustrated seeing the amount of goodlooking and model looking people in there (they're all wearing designer clothes. Timesquare's like a big fashion show. wow This really is the fashion week). I think I've been searching for around 15 minutes or more...when...

I spotted Yunho. He's not even in disguise. He was just there looking expensive. Sooo tired~! Spent lots of hours waiting for and finding you in Manhattan.

So here's a quick summary...

*please note that I'm not fluent in korean...or know japanese...just using words I've learned so far.

*please also note that while this whole convo might look like a looooong time, it's actually just about one or two minutes. it just seems long because you are also reading my weird thought and random comments.

*please note also that the "Trans:" is how I understood what I said. =)) But hopefully, it's okay.

There are I think two fangirls in there too. So I was sooo scared too approach him but....

Me: Yoonho oppa jamkkan man-yo~! Jamkkanman-yo. Pleaszu. *kor*
Trans: Yoonho oppa, please wait a moment. Just a moment. Please?

YH stopped and turned around. I was sooo stunned because he's so good looking. I stared at him for the longest one second of my life. Then as politely as I could, I said...

Me: Yunho oppa sign kudasai... *japkor mixed*
Trans: Yunho oppa, please sign this one.

YH looked at me then the guy beside him. I dunno who it was but I think he was checking with the guy if it was okay for him to sign?? I'm not sure why he looked at the guy beside him so I felt sad because maybe he can't so I said...

Me: Jaebal... *kor to the guy beside YH*
Trans: Please...
Me: Onegaishimasu... *jap to YH*
Trans: Please do me this favor....

YH laughed little bit. And the guy was laughing too. I'm too embarrassed because of the little words I know. They're looking at me like I'm some kind of weird person...which I think I did look like one. I mean speaking in korean then in japanese. Even I can't believe I asked him to wait (in korean) and begged him to do me a favor (in japanese). Aish! Embarrassing! So he took the picture from me and looked at it. He is smiling like he didn't expect that coming. He then took the pen and started signing it while also saying...

YH: @#$%@#$^&@* JaeJoongie #@#$%@ &^*%# @$%&% $@#$5???

I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND what he said but I'm sure there was JaeJoongie and it was a question because of the tone he said it. He might be asking about JaeJoong's signature on it or something or maybe he was asking something like, "Do you really think JaeJoongie and I are together? What do you think he asked? I DON'T KNOOOOW! But I said...

Me: Ahhh...*confused* Haha...Dangyeonhaji! *though I didn't understand what he said*
Trans: Ahhh... Of course!

Then I saw him put a heart (I think it's actually like a part of his signature) but I dunno why I excitedly exclaimed in english...

Me: Ooooh heart! :">

Then he looked at me quickly and stopped signing. His face was like "WTF" but still smiling, though, because he never actually stopped smiling wherever he goes especially if his fans are there.

Me: Ahhh Shisuhamnida. *bowed*
Trans: I am sorry (formal).

Then he added one more heart on top of the other heart, definitely fan service in some way, before giving me back the photo and pen. Then my heart felt so happy. I know it's just fanservice and I couldn't really tell he's emotion because he was like smiling all the time. Even yesterday when he exited the Lacoste store, other fans was pushing him and there but he just smiles and smiles. He's soooo down to earth. Adorably Hot. Unlike JaeJoong, you know he's really happy when he smile because he's soooo cold-looking in a hot way. Their aura are really opposite. 0_o So then I said,

Me: Oppa ~ Kamsahamnida. Naneun YunJae Couple jeongmal joh-a.
Trans: Oppa ~ Thank You. I really like YunJae Couple.

He just smiles and nods but I THINK HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING!!! And he's not looking at me too. He just faces straight and smiling.

Me: JaeJoong oppa dangsin-eulbogo sip-eoyo. Jeongmal!
Trans: JaeJoong oppa misses much!

Again, nods smiles nods smiles not looking at me. Haha. I don't even... Did he understand me? I don't know. So I asked him...hoping to the core that he'll continue nodding...

Me: Dangsin-i JaeJoongie oppa leul saranghanayo?
Trans: Do you feel love for JaeJoongie oppa?

Then he grinned so hard and glanced at me for a split second and looked away with big smile. I don't know if that's good or bad or if he even understood what I said or not but I could actually see his white teeth. Then this black car came and I realized that's probably why they were standing there....waiting for the car.

Then this rude guy came out of the car and pushed me away like I'm some hazardous thing. He must be Yunho's security or manager or something but demnhiminsomwey, I didn't even touch Yunho, not even his fingertips. >__< So then Yunho got inside the car but the door still open so I called him...

Me: Oppa? *my facial expression = waiting for a reply*

So he glanced again and looked away smiling...then nodded. And I was soo happy, although that nod might not be for my previous question but the possibility??? Ottoke! Naega michingoya???!!! I am crazy for being so happy. So I cheered...

Me: Oppa Hwaiting! Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting!

I said it fastly because then the guy who pushed me away from the car got in and closed the door.

Again, while this whole convo might look like I talked to him for a looooong time, it's really just about one or two minutes. My thoughts that you have been reading made it long. It was really very short moment.


{C}{C}{C}Good Night. I got home like 11:30. And I can't believe right now is 1:30am.
I'm really sorry I can't add friends anymore. :(
My world feels sooooooooooooo complete. This is bad. I hope I wake up this morning. :|
{C}Please don't take out or spread. Please! Dun want crazy stans to hate YunJae fans again because I dared show Yunho a picture of JaeJoong. You can share the photo with only YunJae fans / YunJae friendly sites. I am happy but I actually really felt embarrassed with what I said and did so please also don't quote the post and repost elsewhere unless it's a really really OT5 and yunjae friendly site.

Now, although I am very much satisfied with YunJae's sign, I'm still waiting for a chance to have Changmin's signature.
I can't just leave him behind right????


So yesterday night, I told my friend "certain" korean phrases and I asked her if she understood what I said. And she said that of course she did understand me and even non-korean would understand it since those are basic phrases. So I told her that those "certain" korean phrases I told her is what I told Yunho. And she was like, "OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ASKED HIM THAT. OHMAIKOD!"

>.< Don't worry, I also can't believe I asked him that.
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